Role of mitochondrial calcium homeostasis in energy metabolism and neuroprotection

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The figure above shows single frames from a time-lapse recording of mitochondrial calcium signals in
a live retina flatmount.

Project 7 shares the rat model of optic neuritis/EAE with project 3 (Fairless/Draguhn; Neurology Heidelberg/Physiology Heidelberg) and measurement of visual function with project 1 (Diem/Flockerzi; Neurology Heidelberg/Pharmacology Homburg) in order to investigate changes in mitochondrial calcium homeostasis and its relation to neurodegeneration.

Analysing the coupling between neuronal activity and mitochondrial ATP production as proposed here is a central issue, which addresses the recent hypothesis that the signs of hypoxia in MS could effectively be the signs of energy insufficiency.